For many golfers, getting stuck in thick, Bermuda rough is a nightmare, but Classic Swing Golf School’s Ted Frick provides you with a simple tip to help you get up-and-down from green-side rough.
putting Your hands on the golf club.
In this installment, Steve Dresser of the renowned Steve Dresser Golf Academy in Pawleys Island, S.C. discusses the “hinge/unhinge” training method, and how it can help improve your balance, allow for a freer arm swing [More]
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Golf Tip on Putting: Quiet Head, Quiet Hips and Quiet Wrists.
Al Geiberger had one of the classic golf swings of all-time. He was the first golfer in PGA Tour history to shoot 59, and his swing was so admired and considered so technically perfect for [More]
Distance Control & Putting
There are five fundamentals of the swing, and Classic Swing Golf School’s Ted Frick addresses one that is both simple and at the same time problematic: posture. Find out how to guarantee your swing gets [More]
The right arm is the #1 power accumulator