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TOURAcademy® Home Edition Lesson 1 Trailer: The Set-Up: Grip, Posture and Alignment. The first lesson of the 8-week golf improvement program looks at the fundamentals of a good golf swing. For the most comprehensive [More]
Paul Wilson’s Swing Machine Golf instruction DVDs teach you how to swing like the Iron Byron swing machine robot. Watch this video clip of Paul and Iron Byron swinging side-by-side!
Easiest Golf Swing. 1. EXTRA LONG – EASY-HANG SWING STRAP – 1000 lbs. Single 10 ft. Strap Plus Carabiner – The Safest, Easiest Way to Hang Any Swing for Your… Click here: . 2. [More]
1. 8 Step Golf Swing: #1 Set-Up and Approach Click here: . 2. The Set Up Stick Golf Swing Body and Ball Position Tool Click here: . 3. Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The [More]