Learn how to groove some of the most important fundamentals in golf – grip, ball position and posture for better, more accurate strikes
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This webinar is a version of the 2016 World Golf Fitness Presentation – 3D Analysis of Driver vs Iron Swings by Tyler Ferrell. The drills used in the case studies were: A version of grip [More]
GET STARTED TODAY AND TRAIN LIKE A CHAMPION! VISIT: http://www.GGGA.com Gary Gilchrist shows you how to grip the golf club properly with this simple drill. Gary Gilchrist, founder of the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy, demonstrates [More]
In this video, we share a small preview of the analysis video, “Grip Strength to Sternum Location”, for the full version visit https://golfsmartacademy.com/golf-instruction/grip-strength-sternum/.