Actor Leslie Nielsen and his dedicated caddy Donner return in the follow-up video to their first best-selling program designed to help less talented golfers perfect their limited skills in new and clever ways. Golf fans [More]
Here I’m working hard on some of my most recent discoveries about the golf swing. I have a new documentary about Ben Hogan. It is available here…!/… The Hogan Code is available here! [More]
The swings I make for the variety of situations I come across in a round of golf.
Playing Entrada at Snow Canyon Country Club – Hole 16 (par 5). Ball drops down towards the fairway, hits a rocks, ricochets back like it was shot out of a cannon, and hits the golf [More]
Well parts came in for the drone but with my luck, they never sent the tool I ordered to take the screws out. So let’s have fun at the DMV & The Driving Range! —————————————————————————————————————- [More]
The Humana Challenge Pro-Am is unlike any other Pro-Am on the PGA TOUR. Find out what makes this unique event so special. . SUBSCRIBE to PGA TOUR now: Welcome to the official YouTube channel [More]
Hey guys had no internet yesterday so upload when i get home
Golf swing clips taken in August 2013