In close to 30 years of full time teaching experience, I have found that the major premises and theories that underlie the accepted, orthodox modern golf instruction paradigm to be extremely suspect as to their [More]
Rick Smith instructs how to control the trajectory of your ball for instances when you are in the trees and need to keep the ball down.
Golf Swing For Putting And Driving
When trying to improve your golf swing mechanics, it’s important to unclog your mind and try to get in the zone. Work on your golf swing mechanics with guidance from a director of golf operations [More]
When hitting a gold ball, the hands should be under the chin, the knees slightly flexed, the shoulders over the toes and balance should be maintained. Discover why the same stance should be used to [More]
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Square to Square golf swing mechanics with driver. eBook link
Learn THE key golf swing mechanic required for perfectly straight golf shots that most golfers DON’T do right. Hitting straight golf shots as demonstrated here by RST Founder Chuck Quinton requires a square path and [More]