IN today’s Mobility May video, Ben Shear ( and Ryan how us the “Dynamic Pigeon” which is a great one for the glutes and hip flexors. Try the progressions to make it even harder. Not [More]
Not to mention core muscle stability….A short clip to show where Nellie is with the ‘on the ball’ at the moment
Julien Gressier Pro Golfer
Katherine Roberts is Founder and President of Yoga for Golfers and the Roberts Flex-Fit Method. A Nike Swoosh Elite athlete, Roberts’ unique approach to golf conditioning is a hybrid of western bio-mechanical research and eastern [More] Golf Specific Fitness & Exercise, Flexibility, Mobility, Strength, Power, Nutrition This exercise quickly builds better balance in each leg, while in golf posture. Fred Altvater shares tips to help you improve your short game
Demi Runas (LPGA professional golfer) demonstrating a 1/2 kneeling rotation drill that is perfect for your pre-round routine.