(filmed 1991) SYT author’s son at age 2 1/2. SYT sports concepts have always emphasized FOCUS + BALANCED. By shifting our focal point to an imaginary [RL] Rotation Line, and not merely the ball, the [More]
How to Prevent the Shank Golf Shot Hitting a Draw Step-by-Step Checklist: http://www.mygolftutor.com/draw-checklist-testimonials Blog Post: http://www.mygolftutor.com/how-to-prevent-the-shank-golf-shot/ Sean is the co-founder of My Golf Tutor, the top golf instructional blog helping weekend golfers play better golf. [More]
Mike Wydra (http://sandiegogolfcoach.com) discusses proper set up with the driver and some basic characteristics of golf ball flight – All clubs should hit the ground after impact, except the driver. Learn to identify the view [More]
Jimmy Hanlin shows co-host Carling Nolan how to set up approach and ball position in order to hit the ball consistently in the fairway at Chambers Bay, the home of the 2015 US Open.