Converting to a Same Plane Golf swing – free tips – Easier golf swing

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phill skaggs says:

Dude, I saw this vid 2 days ago and have been trying it out with my driver only. I have a bad slice normally with the driver(left handed), but I tried this and holy jeezus, I was giggling like a kid. These thing were flying straight as an arrow and I was tacking on 20-30 yards. I was hitting thin on some shots so I teed it up a bit higher and BAM. I am stoked about this. I wasn't hitting the fairway every time, but they were all arrow straight. I am really bad about setting up the exact same every time, so I just need to focus. It feels really weird at first, but it is working like a champ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Osgerby says:

Hello Kirk:  Where do you play the ball from, on the above video? It looks like the ball is off your left heel. I have always had a tendency to play it forward as I am left eye dominant and I find it difficult to play it in the middle of my stance, as most say you should. It also appears that when you move the hips forward on the downswing, that it automatically places the ball a little further back. Please comment on this.

Ashton H says:

I have been playing golf for about 2 decades, struggling to break 90. I was not able to achieve a superb round for the last 3-4 years until I finished reading through these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it). I have been striving with my irons (driver OK but not much distance).

Eka E says:

As a golf player for more than Twenty years, it is my dream to break 90. I was not able to attain an outstanding round for the last 3-4 years till I finished reading these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it). I have been struggling with my irons (driver OK but not much distance).

Andy Moser says:

kirk, what do I need to change if I'm hitting behind the ball or the ground first with my driver?

666dazzler says:

HI there,
Is there a preferable grip to use with this swing? eg: strong, neutral or weak?

Kourtney Knowles says:

Do u have to alter lie angle at all for this type of swing?

dano11000 says:

my club at set up is running straight thru the middle off my back ,,,but at the top ive rotated on to plane but its maybe 15cm to high how to get it lower thru my bicep ,,,,,its running along plane but my hands to high I notice moes thru his bicep,,,,,how to lower them

Mark Aprahamian says:

Well that was fast….It looked from your video that you were setting up irons with the ball center of stance, moving forward as irons went up. I will try moving the ball back towards by right foot a bit and see how that works. Thanks for the reply.

Mark Aprahamian says:

Kirk, I used you YouTube instructions to convert over the winter. While I an striking the ball with more consistence I seem to have lost almost a club length with my irons, i.e., my 9 is now my PW etc. My woods are same or longer. All are straighter. Any advice…a friend said it may be that my clubs were fit using the traditional swing and now that I have converted I have more loft because the ball is more forward. Thoughts?

David Thompson says:

Kirk, I was always taught that taller players have a more upright swing while shorter players have flatter swings. Moe Norman was definitely not a tall guy. I'm 6'4".  Now my two plane swing has never been consistent enough to reliably repeat and the single plane looks much more reliable. But will it work for somebody of my size?

Nick Lyons says:

I feel like single plane is like shooting free throws underhanded. Much more effective, but nobody does it cause you look like a goof. I don't care, I wanna hit the ball straight. Can't wait to try this. Thanks Kirk.

Dave Fattori says:

Kirk, can the single plane swing be applied for all clubs, driver to sand wedge. Thanks

Jeff Cleary says:

Hi Kirk, I started use the single plane swing I have to say I been practice this swing for a week and I play the best round I have ever play I'm usually in the 100 score playing the single plane swing I bought it down to a 88. My only thing is I'm hooking my driver can you help there thank I'm glad I find your videos

D Gale says:

do you have your hands farther away from the ball?

chris edge says:

Hi Kirk. Some months have passed since I started learning the single plane swing & things are progressing nicely & it becoming a natural way to hit a ball. I have a problem that is probably due to one fault. I think my stance is ok & I am pleased with my backswing. I do have to watch turning my wrists at the top of the backswing thus opening the club face. I do think that my foreswing has a fault in that I tend to pull my short irons left and my woods have a right hand spin that gives a slice just at the end of the ball's travel.Can you suggest thoughts or drills to ensure that my club face is square to the line to eliminate this? I would be obliged for your help.
While chatting to you guys over the pond for Lord's sake hope that Scotland votes NO to breaking away from the UK. It will lead to great trouble & the green fees will become very pricey indeed!!  Have just come back from a week at St. Andrews. Very enjoyable. Us English are not happy. Here's hoping Cheers   Chris

Ryan Smith says:

" the hip move that most never seem to master "

Ryan Smith says:

Good for beginning golfers. Way too much hand action in this single plane swing. No right way to do it.

David James says:

Perfect Skills!!!!

chris edge says:

Hi Kirk. Hail from UK  ,  come on Rory!!! Can I make some comments & see what you & other guys think about my thoughts. After about 9 weeks I was getting in a mess- a bit of a case of "paralysis by analysis". I was just beginning to get it sorted too. I could have cried when I just could not get it right. I would play a few holes really well then went to pieces. Yesterday I  decided to abandon everything, throw caution to the winds and thought I would go back to my old swing. While only scoring 27 points I hit some stunning shots, esp with my short irons. Hitting really solid, right out the centre of the club, that lovely feeling that we all know when you get it right, but when I get to the longer clubs I am all over the place and I am relying on a 4iron to drive and this is the longest club I can trust, but a 5wood is not too bad either.I thought I had reverted back to me old swing but during the round I noted that there were parts of the single plane swing still with me, esp in the setup. I was subconciously combining traditional methods with SPS withour really realising it. I took very little time over setup and stance, just addressed the ball and swung. I have noted that since I started to play golf I liked to start my swing with a fairly firm forward press. I couldn't do that with the full SPS setup. Dunno why, just couldn't fit it in but yesterday without doing too much thinking I pressed, obviously got my hands in front of the ball, and thus  struck down on the ball with my shorter clubs. Now I can't carry on driving with a 4iron. Any suggestions to try to get back to my 3 wood? Never use a driver, I could be dangerous with one!
One incidental, right at the start of doing the single plane learning I saw that Moe used fatter grips. I altered my grips and using a tennis racquet binding and tape.. I built my grips to about the thickness of a badminton racquet( I was a badminton  Ass. of England coach) so it felt familiar. Best thing I ever did. The new grips feel very comfy and aid my hand arthritis tho' they are probably too fat for most.
Is it possible to just use bits of Moe's ideas coupled with my natural swing? After all we are all not built the same. Moe was a short man, I am over 6foot. Sorry to rabbit on but what do you all think about it. I reckon just walking up to the ball & hitting it is the best idea. Too much thinking hurts my brain!   Cheers  Chris

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