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Close – Cure Your Golf Slice

Here are the Goals you will Achieve with
“The Dave Way”


Not only will “The Dave Way” enable you to cure your golf slice, but it will also teach you how to apply your new swing so that you can grasp those low scores you’ve always wanted.


After “The Dave Way” is done straightening out your slice the average gain in drive distance is over 30 yards. Of course your mileage may vary, but our tests have shown this type of production is extremely common.


What a luxury it is to be able to hit your drives down the middle and your approach shots on the green. “The Dave Way” will empower you to carbon copy your straight shots, over and over and over… turning you into one solid golfer. Par will be a formality!


What an awesome feeling it is to be able to compete, or better yet, be the best golfer in your group. The amount of confidence that is obtained by mastering “The Dave Way” can’t be matched by any other golf instruction or training aid out there.

Cure Your Golf Slice –


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