Dandelion onslaught poses problems for everyone: Golf course offers tips

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Golf course superintendent offers tips to rid yards of nuisance weeds.


Ann Deluty says:

I'm spraying mine with a couple of gallons of wine gone to vinegar. Works great but smells like an Italian restaurant.

Charles Lumia says:

Many people survived World War II with the help of the dandelions growing around them. They are helpful, nutritious, delicious, and they look better than a bland green lawn. Dandelions are awesome.

Chroogomphus says:

let the dandelions grow!

jtofgc says:

The roots are good medicine too.


jtofgc says:

Your lawn is ugly. Let the flowers grow.

LazyGamerNyx says:

Yeah they even sell them in Whole Foods no joke.

Raoul Pop says:

Oh sure, spray tons of pesticides onto the ground EACH YEAR just because you don't like a harmless flower, whose leaves by the way are delicious in salads.

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