David Leadbetter’s A-Swing Faults & Fixes – “Hooks and Blocks”

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David Leadbetter discusses how to fix the common issue of “hooking” or “blocking” the ball, using Web.com Tour Player Ryan Blaum as his student.

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Austin Tara says:

This isn't flipping

teddy thodo says:

Mr lead better and the team, I have a question! Am I able to combine this A-Swing with a stable release type such as Jordan Spieth and Dustin Johnson? I have the same release where I barely turn over the hands after impact. There's some, but not much. Stays pretty stable through the hit and about half way up is when I'll turn the club over. How do you feel about the square release type?

Dreama40 says:

Working the right hand under will lead to alot of thin shots in my opinion.

Farai Chikosi says:

Ye thanks for the videos, what up with Ryans setup tho, i thot the book said you lean away from the target at setup and ryan is supppsed to be the model and his leaning the other way? I know it helps him with the a swing cause from tht position its very easy to get the steep shoulder turn and have the arms go inside, but jus saying it could cause confusion

Tony Rock says:

Thanks for the videos guys. Really appreciate the frequency.

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