Desert Springs 14 Handicap Golf Course Lesson 1

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Desert Springs 14 Handicap Golf Course Lesson 1 with Mark Crossfield James Wiltshire and Mim. PGA professional AskGolfGuru play around the amazing Desert Springs Golf Club in Spain talking and watching a 14 handicap golfer and trying to help her with her golf game. Learn from watching them aim, drive, swing and putt along with chipping and shot shaping.


Mr. Bob Gray says:

Mad madam mim

Josh says:

What happened to the Gorilla James?
Some say he's ran off into the woods in pursuit of hair product and weights.

Eric Semidey says:

she carries a 55 AND a 56 degree???? How many clubs are in her bag?

Tom H says:

where did you go out?

TheJhaley12 says:

How does she hit anything with her right thumb straight down the shaft?

JChills says:

I think Mark could help Mim pretty easily. It's clear that she is keeping the clubface pretty square if she were to swing on a zero path, but she is swinging from out to in and cutting across the ball. Get her swinging more in to out and she'll be hitting draws in no time.

Tony says:

Why is he called Gorilla? He's not hairy and not big. Don't get it????

Brian Purcell says:

I play off 20. I have been a member for two months i have played 6 or 7 competition and i started off on 30. Im 12. Would i be considered crap?

Jordan Woodsford says:

Saying 'gorilla' before every single word in the English dictionary does not make it hilarious.

totalgamerbros says:

I need help with my stance when using a pitching wedge!

liam f says:

Whats the betting Gorilla dropped the cock on the blonde tart after dinner and a few jugs of Sangria ? You can see by the look on her face she is wetter than an otters pocket every time Gorilla is about to hit a shot

Harry Hollister Clarke says:

mims swing makes me cringe

Patrica HEH says:

im so glad my wife cant play golf..

Cup of Gold says:

I tad mature for my tastes but wouldn't mind playing the back nine.. I say, I say!

Matthew Collins says:

ok hopeless is unfair, she can get it round

Matthew Collins says:

Would be better with a decent man 7-12 handicap. No offence, but Mim is so hopeless (as nearly all woman tend to be) it's kind of annoying!

beerrun181 says:

I have a 64 degree wedge and love it! 

limousin101 says:

What handicap do you have Mark

Ed Lord says:

Thanks you guys are a little crazy. But most of us golfers are. Mim good job. It's nice to see beautiful women play golf.

ojhda says:

Some girl you guys picked up in the bar the night before and in the morning it was to embarrassing not to invite her to the course? 

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