Disc Golf for Beginners!

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Today I run through the basics of disc golf for anyone interested in the sport!!
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Jimmy White says:

putter for me 265ft and still get it into the basket into 2 shots

Germán Buttazzoni says:

lmao those edits crack me up so hard

Parker Beall says:

Nice video man!

AnotherPotato PassingBy says:

I don't know where you're located but if you ever stop by California there's some pretty insane courses over there. Take care, thanks for the upload.

Cutler says:

should do a vid of you and some mates out at a disc golf course

Scott D says:

if it hits the thing and falls out does it count?

Herb Chief says:

Dude what even happened to all those disc golf videos you made at that tournament?

Noah Fiveash says:

Nice bag I have the camouflage one

Abundant Kush says:

I wanna see some fat dabs q!!!

Anna Cat Bouthillier says:

your achieving brand new levels of being white

Equility says:

Throwing technique video?

Stephen Smith says:

Is this still a weedtube channel?

jdh22 says:

putting disc golf on the map

AnthonyGoesWild says:

disc golf is so dank

Timmy Letourneau says:

Very interested in disc golf now

DcKilla72 says:

Into "ball golf" myself..
Pretty interested in disc golfing one day though!

Suh Dude says:

What happened to ur life 😐

conkles10 says:

xCodeh and Quniverse at the same time? Fuck Yeahhhh

Blazed Alien says:

This was really helpful homie! Thanks for doing this Q!

Know Idea says:

I have found god

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