Driver Vs Iron – 3D Differences 2016 WGFS Presentation

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This webinar is a version of the 2016 World Golf Fitness Presentation – 3D Analysis of Driver vs Iron Swings by Tyler Ferrell.

The drills used in the case studies were:
A version of grip throws to improve the driver pattern

9 to Low Point to improve the iron pattern


Citizen Charles says:

Excellent analysis which finally answers the question; clearly the swings are different. Axis tilt, loading vs casting, and I agree, supination increase seems important too. Distance from ball may however still be a variable that results in more axis tilt (simply from longer shaft and forward ball position) and perhaps could explain increased supination because of more counter force on the extension. Whether the cart or the horse, it is clear that axis tilt, increased loading, and increased supinating release seem worth keying on. Thanks.

jteddy11 says:

Great video, thanks for the info, I typed in ulnar deviation in golf swing and your video came up, go figure but enjoyed the video and subscribed

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