Easy Golf Swing For Seniors

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http://www.Golf72Swing.com/Seniors – Easy Golf Swing For Seniors- Online Golf Lessons with Instant Access to ALL Training Videos.

Golf 72 Swing teaches a TOTALLY NEW GOLF SWING TECHNIQUE that is not only EASY TO MASTER, but it is also VERY EASY ON THE BODY – making it a Very Easy Golf Swing For Seniors!

We use a series of Step-By-Step check points to load the golf club in the Optimal Back Swing Position allowing you to Consistently hit the ball with more Dependable Accuracy and Distance.


Golf 72 Swing is the simplest, most effective Golf Swing For Seniors because IT WON’T HURT YOUR BACK!

With the Golf 72 Swing Pause, there is less twisting on your back and knees making it a very Easy Golf Swing For Seniors – or Any Golfer- Man, Woman or Child!

We offer Online Golf Training with INSTANT ACCESS at:
http://www.Golf72Swing.com/Seniors or

Don’t let a sore back or bad knees keep you from playing the game you love.

http://www.Golf72Swing.com/Seniors – truly the Easy Golf Swing For Seniors!


joe blass says:


Mark Brenner says:

i like this thanks

Richard Gerz says:

Wise lesson well explained!

Ed Reilly says:

Thank you Need to work on this.!

Jacob Hyatt says:

is this even legal to use?

Deepak J Bhatia says:

Thank you for this. Just the first pause alone helped me tremendously. Just need to figure out the second pause in my swing. Another factor is the grip. going from a weak grip to a strong grip should help with not slicing. thank you again.

colinpearson2 says:

that is so wierd, so I meant to go to the driving range to try it out but never got there. So, went to our monthly stableford and thought ok, give it a try even on the 1st tee. I was surprised that the ball went where I was aiming (not good as trees on the left) but surprise surprise, got on the green in 3 and scored 5. For me thats good and ended up with 30pts. Consider my best on this course was 27 I feel pleased as I 3 putt many greens. I was about to give up golf after my recent 13pts but this has given me hope. Sorry to bore you all with this, especially reading William's comments below at shooting in the 70's and I'm 3 years younger that him.

William Miller says:

Have not worked thru the drills, but just using the first pause then taking it to the top with the left arm, I've hit the ball more consistently straighter, and I think a little longer than I ever have. I'm 76 and shoot in the mid-high 70's.

David Neilson says:

Don't think the wife would be happy if you sawed of 2feet of the broom,lol.

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