Easy Rhythm and Tempo

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Zach Allen PGA, De Bell Golf Course Burbank, CA.
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A quick tip that can help with your rhythm and tempo the next time you go out and play. Using Graeme Mcdowell, Tiger Woods, Sergio Garcia, and Jack Nicklaus as examples and how they develop rhythm in their pre shot routine.


Eric Early says:

hey thanks I will try it tomorrow

Wally17 says:

Any thoughts on how an old golf grip could affect your swing?

seemlyme says:

I am not sure about this but Thank you so much

Peter Enestrom says:

Nice! Makes a lot of sense.

robo931 says:

I like it! And I'll utilize it!

RollYourRock says:

Zach, is there an exact point of the right hand where you would have the player feel/sense the weight/heft of the swinging club?

Claus R. Povlsen says:

thx Zach – and you can still keep the tempo in the game at the same time.

cclarsen72 says:

Do you believe golf is a left side dominated activity for a right handed golfer? Swinging with my dominant hand (right) always seems to encourage over the top behavior.

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