Eliminate Fat and Thin Shots

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Have you ever had your partner tell you to that you’re topping your shots because you’re raising up? Have you ever been frustrated by fat shots, but can’t seem to fix them? First, we need to understand that fatting or thinning a shot is not an action, but rather a reaction to the action of casting the club. By knowing when to swing the club, we can eliminate fat and thin shots and get more consistent impact and distance.

Greg “The Golf Guy” Jones

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T.R. Ryan says:

You're right, but even the best pros can't completely eliminate fat shots. Just ask Jordan Spieth after the 12th hole at the 2016 Masters.

callmecoop1 says:

I like this video. I'll try your tip, but it would have been great to see all 3 swings in regular speed and slow motion.

Greg Jones says:

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