Ernie Els: My Driving Secrets

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As seen in the June issue of Golf Magazine, Ernie Els reveals his swing keys for long, consistent tee shots.


Me Too says:

Mumbo jumbo…

Trey Caldwell says:

Interesting he feels the arms hang at address and his other key is to feel like the hands just drop straight down when he starts his downswing. That's where he gets a lot of speed via no tension or "hit" at the ball.

Anthony Willis says:

Effortless swing, simple explanations! Thanks

Anthony Willis says:

I'm not sure whether I took in this detail from others but I love the fact that in your back swing you explain you swing it back as one piece and then get shoulder turn, which in turn helps with wrist cock. The back swing is the part that bamboozles most amateurs in high handicap range in effectively lowering handicap. I've been trying playing comps for a couple of years and struggled with backswing and therefore the rest of my game. You've actually shown me how to do it and it is actually quite simple but others explain body rotation and all this crap….which might be good for lower handicappers who are looking for more distance. I've watched ball placement and club head alignment videos and this video has topped it off. Hit some beautiful shots today based on this advice and even experienced high ball flight with irons. Thanks for such simple advice. 20 years earlier and you would have created another opponent ; ). Greatly appreciate video!

Eugenio Naldi says:

one if not the best golf swing in the history of the game

Tha Q says:

Amazing player

Adam Grym says:

Ernie is a great, down to earth guy and a fabulous player! Loved to hear about your "secrets" Ernie!

JayZoop says:

At 2:35 Ernie promotes the take-away favoring the left arm.   Payne Stewart did that as well.   Both have very smooth swings.

Paul Van Slambrouck says:

The big easy!!!

MimmGigg says:

Ernie is a good teacher.

Wasatch Golf Academy says:

52 thumbs down??? What idiots would do that!!!

Zach Telsey says:

how bout some putting tips

paul williamson says:

50 frickin absolute idiots gave this a thumbs down!!!!!!

gagamin2 says:

Very good video. I learned this before but I should think about it again to check myself.

the1realanalogman says:

Ernie's effortless power! Saw him on TV doing a clinic and after he hit a bunch of drives with his regular driver, Jack Nicklaus gave him a really old school, small head Persimmon driver to try. He still crushed it with that antique club! When you watch Ernie, you get a sense that getting the swing mechanics together is actually possible without ruining your back! Also, what a terrific guy!

Matt Mills says:

Ernie is such a 'feel' golfer vs. a highly technical one. Once, when asked how to fade/draw he said " I just think 'fade' " ! He has the most glorious swing. The best tip here was in reference to the transition from the top – to let the hands and club "drop", which will assist in preventing coming over the top. I remember watching him back in '96 and '97 ( Winged Foot) and the rhythm on his swing blew me away.

Chairman Meow says:

What a great swing to emulate. So hard not to swing from the top though.

fdllicks says:

Similiar to ernie els

liam f says:

  I followed Ernie around the course  in the Singapore open a few years back, what struck me most about his swing, was it looked slow but he hit the ball with all his body weight moving forward with perfect timing and balance. And he really is a big tough looking fucker should be playing rugby not golf 

moreme40 says:

What does this guy know about it 😄

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