Faldo Pump Drill.

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Here it is Nick Faldo Using the Pump Drill, This is old footage so I am sorry for the Quailty.
There has been alot of talk about this Drill on Golfwrx so I posted it up to help players understand the way it is done.
I hope you all enjoy it.


dano11000 says:

shouldn't the face be at spine angle at the set position or ive got that wrong?

John Clark says:

TRULY GREAT PLAYER NICK, but you can't play your best golf thinking of POSITIONS. & that's a FACT.!!!!

dcpw10 says:

Thanks Dean for your tips.
I can do quite well with irons up to 7, but not so well with fairwood wood. But when I tee up to use a driver, it works well again. Any idea why?

dcpw10 says:

Can any one tell me whether this drill works using a fairway wood?

stephen f says:

Peartfaldo:  You're right, this is the preset, not the pump drill, which is another really valuable drill Lead had Faldo doing (and that both Faldo and Price credit as a great help).  For those who don't know, in the pump drill, you continue back with the club (you can actually start this with the preset) until the arms are approximately parallel to the ground, then move them and your upper body as a unit a little farther into the backswing on plane, come back down to the parallel spot, then go back, maybe two or three times, then go back to the top again (usually not quite your full swing, especially when you're just starting to learn it) and then complete the swing.  It's a great way to feel the coordination and synch of the arms-hands-club elements and the turning elements of the shoulders and torso over the resisting lower body, and to feel what an on-plane swing feels like.  Both drills can be done with wiffle balls, off tees if necessary, to cut down on broken windshields and brain-injured cats and so forth.

And by the way, OP — thanks for posting.

stephen f says:

Paleheroes 1 — don't know if you ever come back here to look, and I'll go post this at your page if you're still there, but I'm not getting a reply button on your message.  Anyway, there's no such thing as a stupid or "newbie" question.  And with regard to that specific question, I know guys who've been playing 30 years and still think exactly what you're thinking.  The truth is, there really aren't any straight lines in the golf swing.  It may "feel" straightish when you go back, and maybe the pro was trying to correct a tendency you might've had to pick the club up with the hands on the outside path, or maybe snatch it inside too flat and then come over the top.  But if you just move the triangle back in synch with the turning of the upper body over some resistance of the lower body — you really should watch the whole video from which this excerpt came (it's out here on YT, let me know if you can't find it) — you'll see that the club will want to come back to the inside and up gradually on a curve.  The human body can't move swinging arms and a swinging club on a straight line without doing some pretty weird compensations and manipulation that basically destroy a swinging action.  

If you're interested in what Faldo has to say, go find a copy of Golf: The Winning Formula, and probably also Leadbetter's original book The Golf Swing.  You can get either one for practically nothing on Amazon, I'm sure.  If you still have VHS, you can get the first video they did together, Nick Faldo's Golf Course, too.

stephen f says:

Harry Caldow obviously doesn't recognize vintage Pringle from the mid-'90s when he sees it.  Primo stuff.

Kinger says:

How does Nick release the club?  That's what I need to know.  My release is terrible.

shredx81 says:

Usually, the hands hinge later in the swing. This drill is really to make sure you're set up correctly at the top of your backswing, & also to start bringing lag mechanics into the swing.
It's a good drill. It's amazing how much power is generated by the body turning.
This crosses over into other techniques aswell. Phil Mickelson pioneers the hinge & hold for pitch shots. This creates lag & keeps the hand ahead of the club.
This drill is pretty much H&H with a mid/long iron.

harry caldow says:

I would rather someone pulled my undies up over my head for the hole round than wear that sweater!

harry caldow says:

What line of clothing is Nick wearing? He must be getting payed a shitload from KMART to wear that shit!

paleheroes1 says:

I apologize if this is a newbie question, but I always thought you moved your arms straight back during the beginning of the takeaway. What am I missing? I believe a pro taught me this but I obviously wouldn't take his advice over Nick's. Just want to know what I'm missing here. Thanks all!

peartfaldo says:

He really does just "collect" the ball….he doesnt "hit it"

Lt. Low-End says:

I have…and it works.

RK831 says:

Why not swing the club that way in the actual golf swing when on the course?

Chris Downing says:

It's a shame this VHS video hasn't been changed to a DVD. It has a load of the Leadbetter stuff but without all the detail. Working to the book and this video would have anyone playing very well if they followed the instructions to the letter. Trouble is Nick F is now seen more as commentator than player. They'd get Luke Donald to do the same stuff to sharpen up the appeal – after all there are only so many ways you can explain the same basics of the swing. There are 30+ DVDs on it now!

lynn boudreau says:

I fuckin' tell u what "a swing 4 life" is….. A swing 4 life is when sone1 gives u a good fuckin' swing, pmsl. That would be real fuckin' excellent also,lmfao

Robert Dore says:

Well said, Nick's book " a swing for life" is excellent also…

Robert Dore says:

Nick did quite well out of it too….

Mox_au says:

doesn't stop him from being a fuckin tosser…..<3 u xoxo

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