Family Golf & Learning Center Golf Lessons, Kirkwood, Missouri

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Check out what Elizabeth from Bowling Green, Kentucky is working on with Maria Palozola of at The Family Golf & Learning Center in Kirkwood, MO to improve her bump and run shot around the green.

Elizabeth came up from Bowling Green, KY for a short golf school. She is a new golfer only having played for a couple years. She was looking to sharpen her game around the greens so we started with a traditional greenside chip or “bump and run” shot.

After going over the set up and watching her hit a few I noticed that her technique was actually very good, but she was making a common mistake. Most golfers do a good job of getting their weight on their front foot, but they try too hard to keep their head behind the ball. Since your head weighs quite a bit, it is important to keep it over your front leg and over or in front of the ball. Having her head back was causing Elizabeth to push many shots out to the right or even hit behind the ball sometimes.

We worked hard on setting her head far enough to the left and making sure it remained there or even moved a bit forward during the stroke as opposed to backwards. The result was much straighter shots and shots that were struck with a more square face. No more blocks for Elizabeth and she is on her way to nice controlled, crisp chip shots.

If you are from Kirkwood, MO or a nearby area in the St. Louis Metropolitan area and are looking for golf instruction , visit StLouisGolfLessons ( is run by Maria Palozola a Top 50 LPGA Teaching Professional and a Golf Digest Top 5 Teacher in the State. Maria serves students from Kirkwood MO, Clayton MO, Chesterfield MO, Manchester MO, Ballwin MO, St. Charles MO and all the way to areas reaching as far as Decatur IL and Cape Girardeau MO. St. Louis Golf offers:
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