Fastest golf improvement. Hold the club like a Hammer! Setup 4 Impact

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Golf instructors have made the game very difficult since golf began, by teaching people to put the club in the fingers of the hands and at an angle to the arms at setup. Then at impact the club must come into alignment with the arms, and the poor golfer is left to wonder what went wrong. Luckily there is a MUCH easier way, which will help you quickly improve your game.

My Setup 4 Impact golf swing can improve every aspect of your game, as it is the easiest golf swing to learn ever developed. This is because you can customize the method easily to fit your own needs.

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jeff g says:

Kirk , I've been working on the moe Norman swing for a year now and i still have trouble hitting a 3 wd off the ground. My miss is a pull hook and I just got back into competing on the golf channel am tour this year and that shot has cost me a lot of strokes. I did manage to win my first tournament 2 weeks ago but I had a couple of triple bogeys because I pull hooked off the tee box into trouble. I try to play the ball toward the front of my stance like I thought you are suppose to but under pressure it's a shot I totally dread. At times my driver can be the same way but if I move the ball back in my stance and swing easier it seems I can keep it in play more.
From the set up position it looks like my 3 wd may be 1 degree closed so I try to set up with an open look to the face but I still manage to pull hook. Would love to be able to conquer this club which is really important in tournament play and have a go-to shot with it. Any advice would be helpful.

Kerry Flitter says:

But I come OTT, so would it make any difference?

Gorden Scottfan says:

A tip from the old "Natural Golf System" …. glad you moved on from most of that….

JRock4572001 says:

Keep up the great work Kirk. Keep the videos coming.

this_is_martin .hockey says:

Best golf tip ever!!!

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