Free Golf Backswing Lesson with Canadian PGA Tour Professional Golfer

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Close Click the link for a free golf instruction video on how to make a perfect golf backswing!

Chuck Quinton of explains just how simple the backswing really is.


Danny Hansen says:

If you listened he said his arms were trailing behind him and he would be consistent for about a week then be a mess another, getting the arms in front of the body will allow consistancy

Paul Pearce says:

Chucks videos have improved my swing from 18 to a 10 but you need to do the work I,startedby hitting short pitch shots of 90 to 100 yards it works. Thank Chuck you are the real deal Golf Instruction says:

Then be impressed, we do it everyday. Go to the website and click "Student Before and Afters" at the top nav to see just a few.

hardcoremofo says:

this guy is a Pro already. They need to take turn someone like me who's a 22hcp into like a 10. Now that would be impressive.

brad stecklein says:

what's wrong with the before?

Pruela says:

Are you coming to nj soon?

brad stecklein says:

1:54 what was his ball flight? struggle? not sure what was a) wrong with before position and b)why you felt you needed to make this slight adjustment?

Leon Clark says:

hey chuck, how am i going to get you to come to the UK? i would love to get a couple of sessions with you!!

180bruce says:

Thank you. I haven't been that far yet. Perfect.

180bruce says:

Thank you cquinton, I'm a new subscriber and haven't navigated that often, could you direct me a little more specifically. I'm very interested the RS. I've been stuck at my current handicap for about 4 years.

180bruce says:

I would like to see more instruction involving half way down through impact in regards to the rotation of the shoulders. I have a problem pushing too hard off my right foot and coming outpf the shot.

Thank you

JoeyCrack says:

K.I.S.S,always the best way to go IMO 🙂 Would be great if you could go over getting through the ball (my problem area atm) with this theory in mind.I tend to not commit enough to the swing & shy away from hitting through & letting my hips open up :/.Good vid.

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