Funny golf swing video

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Michelle “BuffMother” Berger is an athlete, but not quite a golfer…watch this fun clip


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Huon LeBatelier says:

>>> The Simple GOLF SWING. Drop 7 Strokes in 2 Weeks <<<

idriveorlando says:

the woman charles barkley swing

blitzrule says:

all he has to say is: " keep your head down and try not to swing so hard"….I can teach her how to hold "my" club, I mean, the club 😉

Roger Black says:

She looks better than she plays .Ball`s too far back in stance for one and far too much body movement .
 I could teach her !  lol

Smijti says:

+StatManSteve You mean play "around" with, not play "a round" with, don't cha?

K0K4NE says:

You'd think she would know how to grip the shaft properly

Larry Winters says:

just LET EM' OUT111

FullscreenPartnerNet says:

"Hello. We sent you a message regarding your video. It would be great if you could take a look at it and get back to us as soon as possible or email us at  Kind Regards"

Ash Almond says:

Very talented indeed!

Van DeChu says:

Hooters golfer!

B woods says:

Her tit's got in the road of her swing

Hunter Alberta says:

Who is watching the swing.

RS -Raka- says:

I can teach her a hole in one if she want.

Beebe says:

dem titties!

EaglesFan4NRA says:

with a body like that, who cares about her swing!

Jerry Stephens says:

said no straight man EVER !!


I think it's cuz her tits are too big

xlfutur1 says:

why the hell are they wasting time at the golf course?

Sloppy Jaloppy says:

Are we all looking at the swing of her "Tits"?

Olizimm says:

che bella figa!!!

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