Goal Ball at Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School

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July 27 to Aug 1, 2008, “Willie” attended “Camp Abilities” sports camp at the Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School in Vinton.
There were many different activities for the children to get involved with, such as skating, climbing, golf, workout equipment, trampoline, goal ball, beep ball, yoga, Karaoke, bicycling, swimming, archery, and much more.
In this video, the children are demonstrating how to play “Goal ball”. In this game, any participants who have eyesight wear blindfolds to make the game fair. The lines of the court have string under taped areas so the children can feel where the boundaries are. The ball has bells inside it, and the children slap the floor to signal to their teammates where to send the ball.


Jewel Schultz says:

I just saw your Youtube videos and I'll bet a lot of the former Braille students (and teachers) would enjoy seeing those.

Jewel Schultz says:

I'm so glad you have wonderful memories of the school. Did you ever travel through those underground tunnels? Did they have Woody's Cave then?
Would you believe that they still have the same bowling alley in the snack room?
Last year, they had a panel of low vision and blind people to answer questions for the parents and it was very interesting.

Jewel Schultz says:

Hi Greg,
It's nice to hear from you. Isn't it a wonderful school? We are so thankful to be able to send our child to something like this where he can meet with other children who face the same challenges.

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