Golf Course Tutorial | Pitching

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This video is part of my On-Course tutorial collection!!
I hope you enjoy it.

Please comment your options below and let me know what other on-course tips you would like to see.



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Carl ermno says:

Nice video, through winter when I can I've been working on chipping around the greens as far as 20/30 yards out and I feel if there is nothing in the way ie bunker, long grass etc then a chip and run with an 8 iron for example is the best option

Andrew Hadfield says:

Shocking chip!!! Happy new year mate. Looking at working on my wedges over the next few months during our lessons.

Aussie Mike says:

A good way to calculate the carry/roll ratio is to take the number twelve (12) and minus the club number. For example, if I was chipping with an 8-iron the carry/roll ratio would be 4:1 (12 – 8 = 4).

James Littler says:

Coming up with some great content. Good work.

Gary Jones says:

Another very useful vlog, helping people make better decisions, and maybe help them realize why one way may be better for them, but another works better for their mate, it gets people thinking and practicing their game more so win, win. happy new year, hope you go from strength to strength.

Paul and Sue Roberts says:

Hi Andy,happy new year to you and yours hope it's a good un.By the way, I having a chat to Nick at the Traffy and he was gloating a on his victory over you recently,haha, you'll have to put him in place.He really has a nice swing does young Nick.

Morten Laursen says:

Hi Andy, I really enjoy your videos. As a newbie, I prefer my 7-iron. A miss hit with a wedge tends to get me in much more trouble than a missed shot with my iron.

TSZ PUI says:

8 iron was more safe than use sand wedge or lob wedge

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