Golf Draw – How to Draw the Ball (Easier Method)

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How to Hit a Draw – Golf lesson and golf tips on how to hit draw shots in golf using an easy method that is within reach of most every golfer.

► Golf Draw Tips – Video Golf Lesson Summary

A draw is a shot that starts to the right of the target then curves left to finish at the target.

Two things create a draw: swing/club path and clubface angle at impact.

In order to produce a draw, the club path needs to be of the inside-out variety.

Set up so that your stance is in a closed position relative to the target. This will promote an inside-out club path.

The clubface should point at the target at address. This clubface angle will promote a clubface that is closed to the swing path, and help produce a draw.

Draw shots travel a little lower and travel a bit further than perfectly straight shots. This is due to the fact that a closed clubface reduces the effective loft of the club at impact.

To review an alternative method for producing a draw aimed at better players, see this video:

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Amy Perka says:

so why is this something we need even to do? why not just hit it straight to the target ?

james says:

for all the ney sayers just think of a slice, in your world a slice is caused by a closed clubface, no it is not it is an open face and swing path to clubface angle determines the extent of the bananna ball, weather it starts left and cuts to the right, or starts right and goes further right, simple logic! A ball starts on the path of the swing and face angle at impact defines its flight/spin

fdllicks says:

great explanation. Thanks for posting!!!!!

gincl01 says:

Wrong ! The face STARTS the ball (initial flight direction) et path CURVES the ball (draw or fade) … exactly the opposite of this video's explanation.

thegonz9 says:

Do you have a video for the method used by the better players?

Joseph Smith says:

trackman actually disproves this method. the ball will START in the direction of the club face at impact, then draw or face depending in spin (path).

Joseph Smith says:

the face actually has to be OPEN at impact to produce a right to left draw… not closed

jim swail says:

Works great ! Thanks a lot. Developing a nice draw and can draw the shot quite severely around trees.

HK83IE says:

think about this. It took 2:25 seconds to demonstrate how to draw or swing and draw. thats about when you started your set up. Do you really NEED to introduce a 1 minute lesson with a 2 minute introduction?

james says:

exactly, so many other instructors get this wrong or incorrectly explain what is actually happening

Sean Lane says:

really well explained, thanks!

MrFairway says:

is the ball positioned forward or back?

paul woolnough says:

Hi Pete
I take its the same method for the driver?

Anthony Ball says:

Thanks needed a video like this

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