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Close Golf driving tips from long ball champion Nyle Pruitt. He’s known for consistently hitting drives over 350+ yards, and now he’ll share his gold driving tips with you. Check it out!


Big Mo says:

I think its important to create the WIDTH hes taking about seeing as he said it a total of 12 times in the video

Alexander Vogt says:

@golftipvideos hi i,m 19 and my swing speed is inside 125 – 130 , i,ve been really working hard on my wrist flexibility , and now i can hold the angle of my both wrists just before impact . my question is . Do you know more tips to increase my swing speed at the 140 range

Rick Johnson says:

@Panthersfan247 I wish I would've took it serious at your age. I almost laughed when you said always…you're still young. Keep it up and I wish you the best.

eddles777 says:

hey in a 19 yr old rightie beginnner and these tips really helped my driving swing and helped me hit about 270 metres consistently sraight. Ill keep you posted and ill put up some videos soon. Thanks so much and god bless

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