golf for beginner : lesson 1

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lesson 1 : the setup


Marte Gruber says:

very helpfull

Huon LeBatelier says:

>> The Simple GOLF SWING. Drop 7 Strokes in 2 Weeks <<

Jose Rodriguez says:

Lesson for beginner and they want to swing like tiger wood why not a mediacre player .

Ridhone Shah says:

helpful video

MJ Ursu says:

This is a great video for a beginner! Do you have more golf lessons for beginners. Many thanks.

Projo Widhiyanto says:

do you have more of these videos? please post it

arlevein4ik says:

буду учиться (:

C.Urchin Gaming says:

excellent video! I just started golfing and Im bout to go out with a friend in bout an hour to the par 3s. This will be applied to my game for sure.

Adhar Mustapa says:

Kelab Darul Ehsan driving range =)

Denny Suryo says:

I've enjoyed this instructional video, and it has helped my golf swing. Appreciate it.

Naveen Chandrashekar says:

really good of the best…

kalipso90 says:

This is one of the best beginner instruction on the youtube. Wondering why this is not watched

Graeme Davies says:

If the responses were more about golf and less about audio engineering (morons) . . . Was an interesting instruction.

Thenorthenders says:

hard to tell what your saying with the mic in your mouth.sorry

gildas2 says:

You're not skilled enough to teach golf swing

Amroze says:

great love it..

hatrer says:

why should I listen to a guy who isn't even able to buy a microphone? fuck that sound

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