Golf: How To Get Backspin

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Here’s how to get a backspin in golf, demonstrated by golfing pro Rickard Strongert. Related video: 6 golf tips every beginner should know:

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Wool Socks Productions says:

Check out wool socks productions video on how to out of a sand trap

breeze787 says:

Wow! I can see why you have 4 million views. That was great information. I was under the impression that just by hitting the ball flush that you will get backspin. Now I know better off to practice I go. Oh thumbs up, thanks for putting this up.

Michael Kennedy says:

better acceleration through ball equals more spin too

Martín Top Golf says:

Good , Good, Good ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

croplaya says:

what a douche

JDON 1215 says:

U can't ground your club in the sand😂😂

Ojvind Burgundur says:

i didnt see a ball

MrWeedpatch says:

One important item to consider is once you master this shot which is near impossible for many players without hours of work you must plan to hit your shots 3 to 5 feet past the pin. This is really the hard part because pro's work on this technique constantly as it can bite you on many an occasion.

Tom O'Leary says:

I like these videos, simple and effective instructions

Hunter Ficeto says:

I watched this in like 2011

Pat Golfnutter says:

What is the effect of "bounce"? For example a wedge with 56-7 vs 56-16…..anyone?

Gtx Golf says:

So many students ask us this and yet very few can play it

keith irvine says:

This video is ok except for one thing……a more decending blow into the ball does NOT increase backspin. It takes loft of the club, creating less backspin. This has been proven by a lot of testing and the results of Trackman and other utilities created for swing/result analysis….

lovetogolf says:

Great tip turn your Volume up tho.

sang chang says:

Excellent informative video every time!!!
Could please show how to correct casting of wrist just before the down swing?
I have had years of lessons to correct this issue, but no one could helped me so far.
Thank you.

MrWeedpatch says:

Grounding the golf club in a sand trap is a no no….Outside of that this is very good video..

Bankside Web Solutions says:


jefferzy43 says:

I'm taking 100% of the advice in this video, make no mistake. That being said…did anybody else notice that the first shot in the video was pin high on the landing, only to be back-spun about to 20 feet away from the hole?

Jake Lakota says:

Is this a JOKE? The swing at 2:27 is so wrong, his head is ahead of the ball and his body is ahead of the axis of his turn. This video is about three minutes 35 too long. Take your iron and pinch the ball in the dirt. Do not hit the ground first. And use a soft ball. You open up the club face you are going to hit a high drop shot

PodcastFTW says:

So use logic

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