Golf Instruction – Putting Stroke : Tight = Success

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The World’s Best Instruction! Mike Shannon was named as a Top Teacher in both Golf Digest and Golf Magazine from 2000 to 2003. He is the creator of the Laser Optics Putting Improvement System that is being used by over 100 players on the Tour. In this lesson Mike discusses a tighter putting stroke. Please go and see more than 200 videos of the golf industries best instructors. Learn more about Golf Health and Fitness with over 3000 health concerns, worlds best golf instruction videos, and information on golf equipment, sports psychology, chipping, putting, sand shots and injury prevention and cure. GolfersMD will inspire you to stay focused on your health and play better golf. At GolfersMD, Health = Performance


trextrextrex says:

he is dead on

axel spindle says:

great video. this guy knows what he's talking about

Ken Fudge says:

Horrible video, can't hear a thing…

bobbie bobbejaan says:

wow this is some really crappy advice. lemme guess…this dude's putting stroke did not make him any money on tour

Jancen says:

I tried this connected position today and it really works for me.

James Johnson says:

Good instruction, however, you didn't explain how much power or pressure to push the ball in different lengths in order to get to the whole, especially bringing op professionals putting style …i was listening very closely. 🙂

Kevin Chong says:

a golfer would prefer shirt larger, quick dry.

Gerard St-Cyr says:

very helpful

Nice shirt!

Zynthesis says:

Wha? You saying he shouldn't wear a 3 XL?

Erick Smith says:

Great tip thanks

The Dude says:

Great stuff.

Pao Xiong says:

Excellent tutorial!

jdmars011 says:

i like the "connected" stmt…so simple…yet HUGE!

MrA8figureman says:

Spot on I tried this and only had 22 putts my last 18 holes

stityriah poop says:

F%@k golfonax.

VideoReply says:

with = weeyath

Richie Dela Merced says:

Thats really good for faster my course. forget about it..=) you aren't getting anywhere with a short stroke unless you hit it with your hands.

wcBrickFilms says:

sea island, GA

bunkerputt says:

Try this on greens that stimp at 5 or less and see how far it gets you. The "with a little bit of practice" is misleading at best, dishonest at worst. Putt like Ben Crenshaw if you want a stroke that works for all speeds.

Matt Gates says:

i get lessons from this guy

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