GOLF LESSON | Backswing Tip (Twist the Top)

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Wouldn’t you like to get a full turn as you rotated to the top? In this golf lesson we go over how to get a full turn going back and swinging through. If you’re missing rotation, it will KILL your distance. This is one of the fundamentals we focus on in the TopSpeedGolf system, the Power Turn.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Sunny World Dominator says:

Best i ever heard of Can asian golfer learn with you my bestie

arya w says:

great stuff from all your video!! helps me a lot! thx Clay!

hairymaclary121 says:

you are one of the best instructor

Rak Kim says:

best 🙌🙏🍻😎

Andres Del piero says:

Excelentes tus videos!!! me gustaría un resumen en español !! gracias

joh korn says:

Can you do a clinic in the Phoenix area……please?!!!

Brett Karst says:

great video

choosetolivefree says:

Following this video makes makes a lot of sense. By focusing on rotating by pushing with your feet and legs it adds the power of your legs to the swing and better anchors you ro the ground. Good advice

Stephen Horne says:

Hey Clay, it's good to see you back on YouTube and the creation of top speed golf. I quit watching the revolution golf videos when I didn't see you on there.. Wish I still lived in central Florida. You'd be the first call I make for lessons.

sontan3124 says:

great tip. I need all the help i can get with lower body power and shifting weight…

Harry Han says:

i think this is the fundamental of all the fundamentals. would have been better if there was an explanation of how you feel on your feet at the moment of transition. i think you should feel like pushing from your right big toe and sitting down on your left heel. this would be the moment of your hip being squared.

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