Golf Lesson Chesterfield, MO

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Check out what Katelyn from Chesterfield, MO is working on with Maria Palozola of at The Big Bend Golf Center in Valley Park, Missouri to help create an early wrist cock in her takeaway.

Katelyn in a brand new golfer, but already loves the game! She reminds me a bit of myself when I was a junior, except I was stuck with heavy men’s hand me down clubs. Even with junior sets, though, for most juniors they do feel heavy and it takes a lot of wrist strength for them to cock their wrists during the backswing. Most of them either set late or don’t set at all and get a “statue of liberty” look at their top of their swing. When you don’t set any angle on the way up, you don’t have any angle to release into the ball at impact and there will be a significant loss of distance.

To help Katelyn learn to set her wrists, take some of the weight off the club and gain more control I had her working on a drill where she immediately cocks her wrists upon takeaway. Once the wrists are set, she then simply turns her shoulders to the top and moves everything as a unit. This helps prevent a lot of moving parts at the top of the golf swing. With time, she will learn the feel of cocking her wrists early in the backswing and it will become habit.

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