Golf Lessons: Driving

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Golf Pro Fraser Mulholland breaks down the perfect technique for driving the ball.

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Manvendra Siwach says:

too much body movement, ended up slicing like crazy after trying this tip


Sir you're a great coach. Thank you

Alya B. says:

Hi.. can you comment on my daughter swing..

bluesrocker33 says:

lol. good luck

Harry Carson says:

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VN Reader says:

I won't lie, this is definitely me when I'm driving.

TraumaER says:

Is the left arm supposed to be straight?

Elias Nissilä says:

that left elbow is pretty bent on the top of the backswing.

cgasucks says:

I'm from Vancouver and heard nothing but good things about Fraser but never saw what his swing looked like…but after watching it…it gives me hope…if a flawed goat humping swing like that can do well for him, I'll be just fine..

Samuel Stebbins says:

Too much movement in his left knee in the back swing… Not digging it…

Valerie Beegan says:


One Minute Golf Lesson says:

your tips are natural and really effective for beginners. Thanks for your nice share.

Glenn S. Marks says:

you have delivered the right thing great video

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