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Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – Knowing how to start the takeaway is such an important aspect of the golf swing because this motion sets you up for the rest of the swing. If you know how to start the takeaway then you give yourself the best opportunity to make a solid backswing and keep the overall swing as simple as possible. A simple backswing makes the downswing easier to repeat which will produce more consistent golf shots.

I see too many players that get the club severely out of position in the early stages of the takeaway and for the rest of the swing they are trying to perform a recovery mission to get the club back to the ball and produce a reasonable golf shot. Most of the time the poor takeaway is the result of poor concepts on how the club should move away from the golf ball. Clarifying these concepts can make a huge difference and improve this very important part of your golf swing.

In this video I explain the way I prefer to see players start the takeaway. It has proven to be very successful for many players and has made a huge difference to their ball striking ability.

Once you know how to start the takeaway you will then need to have a clear understanding of how to start the downswing. To learn more about how to start the downswing check out this video

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Lewis Munro says:

find that i go to outside at takeaway which causes me to drop my arms behind body on downswing. as a result hitting these no distance push fades. Any idea what i need to feel for a better takeaway?.

Matthew Miller says:

As soon as your start turning in the backswing the wrist cock up ?

Thomas Palmer says:

When I turn away with my shirt buttons in the lead of my buckle, I visualize my hands going on a ride in an arch around my feet…. My thighs and calves form a steady brace to keep my swing centered. As the down swing is only .25 sec I really have no thoughts as my braced position automatically cause a ground up return to and through the ball…..for me this works.

RollYourRock says:

Derek, how about for the poor guy who can't even begin to pull it back on short pitch shots?
It's hard to watch…

Paul Malone says:

When does the wrist cock start ? I have a tendency to roll the hands to much inside.

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