Golf Lessons – Stop hitting the ground before the ball

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Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – Many players have trouble making solid contact with their fairway shots. Too often the club will contact the ground before it contacts the golf ball compromising shot distance and flight control. In this video I explain some of the more common reasons for this shot, as well as a progression of drills that will have you hitting the ball solid every time.


emmanuel okon says:

i love dis!

Terry Young says:

Another video of a talking and not a doer…

ben gurion says:

over thinking. hit the front of the ball. you really can't but if you look at the front rather than behind the ball you are giving yourself the diameter of the ball 1.68 inches more room for error. a side effect is since your club face will be squarer longer, you will hit the ball straighter

Jim San Marco says:

Thanks but how do you prevent hitting the ground when hitting 3 woods and 5 woods. You don't usually take a divot like you would with a 7 iron. I find that the woods are much longer clubs and I hit them more inconsistently….usually if I do not stay tall as I swing….I have also tried to choke down to make better contact. Any other ideas ? Thanks.

Scottro Mc says:

I watch a lot of youtube golfers and lesson videos. Over the course of just a few of your videos, my understanding of the mechanics of my swing have increased a lot. I appreciate you taking the time to make and post these videos.

gjfollett says:

Found your video as I'm having problems with hitting the ground before the ball and you make it very clear how to adjust it. Thanks

Veronica Murira says:

Thanks for the video

Louis Fried says:

Good video. Thanks.

Kirsten Cox says:

I just started golfing and everything goes right. any tips?

Clarence Chan says:

Thanks for the insightful and concise video! Been having this problem. Looking forward to trying these tips out at the range tomorrow! Please keep these videos coming! – C, Singapore

Kevin Dawson says:

Great video

Rick O'Shea says:

> "You might even add a couple of yards…"?

If you do not add a couple of yards to your shots go back to sweeping or picking because the goal isn't to make a divot it's to maximize distance.

Scot Nolan says:

Great advise Derek, thanks for the video

Luke Daniel Borel says:

You are beginning to convince me that is useful to start a lot of these drills in partial increments, starting with a very small swing, and building up to bigger and bigger steps, one step at a time, and not advancing to the next step until one can do the step they are on.

For example my problem I am working on currently is how to keep my left arm fairly straight. The only way I have found that works where I can move the club back in my backswing and keep my left arm straight, is to push the club back on my entire back swing with my left hand. As soon as I get the right hand involved by pulling the clubhead back, then my left arm starts to get bent.

Do you know if there is any merit to what I say, that if use my left arm to move the club during the backswing, will help me keep my left arm straight during the backswing?
Do you know if there is any merit to letting my right hand and arm go along for the ride during the backswing and letting the left hand and arm do all the work?

For me as soon as my right hand and arm get involved in the backswing, then my left hand and arm react to the pull of the right hand and arm, and then my left arm gets very rigid and then the left arm starts to get more bent.

My question here is, if the left arm breaks down during the backswing and downswing,
am I more likely to have a steep angle for the club head coming into the area of the ball impact zone, and in turn does this lead to hitting behind the ball.

So I guess I am also kind of wondering, in the swing you are discussing in your video Golf Lessons – Stop hitting the ground before the ball, what is your opinion as to during the entire golf swing, at what points do think that the right hand and right arm muscles be used to apply power or direction of the clubhead and club shaft? Is the right hand and arm muscles only to be used in the impact zone, or does the right arm also have a role in moving the club head during the backswing or downswing. Pre_-Impact (for a right handed player)

I guess what I am saying about the downswing, is that, if I use any muscles of my right hand and right arm during the downswing, then usually, my right elbow runs into my right rib cage and because my right hand and right arm muslces are activated, then my right elbow does not slide past my right rib cage, and instead bounces off of my right rib cage. If instead, I use only my left hand and left arm on the backswing and downswing, then when my right elbow hits my right rib cage, it just glances off of it and slides by.

So I guess that I am only able to use my right hand and right arm muscles when I get into the impact zone, If I use any right hand or right arm muscle before that point, the my elbow bangs against my right rib cage, and instead of the right arm straightening out, it remains bent and then I get no extension of right arm at impact.
Apparently, if I use only my left hand and left arm during the backswing, and almost all of the downswing, then my right arm straightens at impact and I get better extension with my right arm at impact.

I guess it might be that I have narrow shoulders and a big chest I run into problems with me downswing, where my right upper arm runs into my chest.

I guess I could place more rotation into my swing early in the downswing, to get my body out of the way of my right upper arm.

Also, I can solve the problem by having a very slow backswing and a slow start to my downswing, which allows both of my arms to be soft during the downswing.
With this method I allow my left arm to get more bent in the backswing, but because the start of my downswing in this case, is very slow, then it allows me time for my left arm to straighten out before I am very far into the downswing, which in turn, allows my right arm to be straight at impact.

And then, I have one other way of making space for my arm elbow to clear my right rib cage, is to get more bent at the waist moving my head closer to the ball during the backswing. Then when I near the impact area, I have to lift my upper body with my back muscles and lats.

So basically, when my right elbow and upper right arm (for a right handed player) hit my right rib cage, then both of my arms turn out to both be bent at impact, which usually leads me to hit behind the ball and or hit a weak push fade or a weak pull slice.

And last but not least, if all else fails, I can create space for my right elbow to pass by my right rib cage, by creating a humped upper spine like Isao Aoki in which my shoulders become more on plane with the ball. The curved upper spine posture (curved more down at the ball), creates a gap that easily allows my right elbow to clear my right rib cage and be straight by the time impact happens. I include here a clickable youtube link to a swing by Isao Aoki, that demonstrates how his curved upper spine creates a significant gap or space, for the right upper arm to move past the upper right rib cage without making contact. I am assuming that his swing might lead to strain on the upper spine and create occasional injuries to his upper spine, or neck.

One could debate whether I am neglecting to clear my hips which leads to the upper body to clear, and thus creating space for my right elbow to clear the rib cage in a way to prevent a major collision between my right upper arm and my right upper rib cage. The only way that I have discovered that works for me to clear my hips properly, is to flex my stomach muscles at the beginning of my downswing, which automatically causes my hips and my upper body to clear as a single unit. This is one method I have of creating space for my right elbow to have space to pass by the rib cage. Another method I have is to only use my left hand and left arm to control my swing, keeping my right arm completely relaxed, thus the soft right arm easily glances off of my right upper rib cage,

I guess what I am saying is that no matter what swing I implement, I have to create a method that allows my right arm to straighten before impact in such a way that my right upper arm and right elbow do not slam into my right upper rib cage.


Cam Free says:

whats is a good drill to help this at a driving range with pads? (you cannot see divots because its a pad)

Allen Franklin says:

Excellent video to learn or relearn a swing with. So many new players just want to go out and hack away full swing first day. This is excellent video. I hadn't hit a ball in 13 years and just taking the game up again and found it to be sound advice.

phoa kelvin says:

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rich seaton says:

Great advice for my new Taylor Made Irons this year. Hitting the 4 Iron straight and close to 190 yrds. Yahoo

Chitresh Vaspate says:

Keisha video

Alex Burns says:

Why dont you tell us how to hit the ball into the hole? That would be a better video wouldnt it?

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