Golf Mental Tips – Preshot Routine

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Golf Preshot Routine In golf psychology a pre-shot routine is vital to playing great golf consistently and developing your mental toughness It is no good adopting someone else’s routine you need to develop your own and then use it on every single shot you make. In fact, I would say that having a definite pre-shot routine is the foundation stone to the whole ‘inner game of golf’.

Do you know that there is one thing that you can do which will instantly improve your golf, something that all professional golfers do? Have you worked out what it is that you should be doing, it is establishing a set preshot routine, let me teach you the correct way to do this.

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Robin Ashman says:

very true will put it in to practice thank you

Rod Galilee says:

Loved the "behind the line" & "over the line" concepts, NEVER ever mixing them up. Plus Jack's seeing the ball not only going to the target but coming back. Off to the practise ground & will vary the shots & clubs using these ideas. Fingers crossed. Thanks.

Christine Hogan says:

sounds great I'm going to use it and practice it thank you

Anthony Whenman says:

will try to add this to my game


It's never too late to learn the tecnique you have just taught. Thank you very much, I will definitely take it in effort.

Fela Funk says:

It help a lot to get closer to the flag thanksssssss

James Deckman says:

I am usually still thinking as I am bringing the club back just before hitting. The thinking/doing line is a wonderful tip. I intend to use it in the morning. Also, the recommendation about what to do if thinking takes over is great. Thank you.

Dave Bucks says:

i have put your words into action and i am playing the best golf i have for a long time. I am so pleased and able to enjoy the game again as i can switch off between shots and then cross the line and let the body take over. Thank you so much it has turned my game around

Patrick Kaa says:

great video, i've been implementing your strategies and tips and i've found that there has been too much thinking when over the ball instead of doing it before the shot! it's helped me immensely

Glenn Scott Photography, Inc. says:

Thanks for your help. I will be working on this immediately.

jose carrera says:

Thanks great useful ways too imagine as the mental approach is about mental practice.

Golf Mental Tips says:

'Golf Mental Tips' is the name of my new You Tube video channel please go and find me there for more videos giving you great golf instruction and golf tips all about playing the 'inner game of golf'. See you over there and by the way please feel free to embed my videos on your site and blog the more people know about golf psychology the better. Bye for now, Linda.

Linda Candy says:

Hey there, I hope you liked the video and shared it with your friends.

Linda Candy says:

Hey there Willie, you need to use breathing techniques to center yourself and you also need to learn about focusing. Intense focus really does require a lot of concentration there are exercises to help you increase the length of time that you are able to focus. You would also benefit from learning about how to combat 'less than helpful self-talk'. I can understand your frustration because it is one of the more common problems that clients tell me about but it can be overcome. Linda

Willie Fouche says:

Thanks for the tip. I agree 100% with your advise, but I find it extremely difficult not think of some technical maneuver when I am swinging and the worst of all when I find it works I try and improve the outcome by trying something better or by trying to improve the move. It frustrates me to no end. I am a 10 handicap and love the game but wish I could find something to do which will keeps my mind quiet but still focused. Any advice??

Linda Candy says:

Glad you enjoyed it David – you can get lots of tips by following me on Facebook or by reading my blogs. If you grasp the mental aspect of golf it really does take your game to the next level.

David Wilson says:

Awesome video! I am at the stage in my game to really take a hard look at the mental aspec. Maybe in the future people will learn the mental aspect first, then their game.

Linda Candy says:

Thank you Antoine – do you follow me on Facebook – I post loads of helpful tips there?

Antoine Charpin says:

very useful video

Linda Candy says:

Glad you like it Kaven – more to come.

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