Golf Mobility Exercises To Improve Hip Mobility Swing Speed and Pelvic Rotation

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Swing Speed Exercises, Golf Mobility Exercises and Coaching

Golf Mobility Exercises for strength and power production, rotation and agility are important aspects of  golf fitness program. These factors are the tenants of a good solid consistent golf swing.
Golf fitness golf training and off the cuff mental strategies for golf performance and athletic thinking

Cable step into swings
Plank rotational knee drives
Lateral step ups with knee drive


nigassma says:

Just came across this vid. Looks like your mobility is preventing you from doing a deep squat without pelvic tilt. While going lighter tends to be a good starting point, ankle/hip mobility is also important so that you can hold form all the way to the ground.

darwin325 says:

Great exercises. They are really helping me to hit with more power. thanks.

gretzkyz says:

I enjoy your videos. No BS, right to the point. All videos should be like this.

MCA Guy says:

Great vid the deep squats have really got my legs super strong today in the gym I almost did 360 on the squat machine ……Alex knows what he's talking about

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