“Golf Pitching Lesson” Better Contact and Distance Control

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Trevor Van Vliet says:

Where can I get an MTI towel?

Bruce Lowe says:

Excellent video…top work.

Paul Binyon says:

Gabrielle, up to what distance do you apply this technique/feel with your wedges?

golf daddy says:

need that sweater

Paul Booij says:

Question for ya Gabe. You teach a standard pitch shot and bunker shot, because they are not really affected by the drive hold release. I have been trying the pelvis movements and spine movements for a month or two and am bombing it. Pitching wedge is over 160 now (47 degree). But I am wondering if there are things you do differently for a driver and an iron swing. I have occasional massive hooks with most clubs but the driver is always a hook now. I have experimented with holding off my release but that isn't helping. the odd shot comes out straight and freaking long. I have had to leave my driver in the bag when i play. Any suggestions?

Quinton Metz says:

I've been having trouble with my chipping lately this really did help. Thanks for the great advice. Keep your great work up!

1432clover says:

Gabe, always enjoy your videos. If you haven't already, get your hands on James Sieckmann's new book "Your Short Game Solution." A phenomenal book on his wedge system and what he teaches to his tour clients. He is the best short game instructor, hands down. Cheers!

Brent Montzka says:

What kind of video camera do you use?

westonp80 says:

someone's looking like a foley wannabe…

abman says:

Love the channel and I am a big fan. Andrew Rice teaches a draw to get the low spinner. He's done a lot of trackman research on this. What are your thoughts on this?

Matthew Schawel says:

I understand that it's hard for you to get out on the course and film, but I really enjoy the course vlogs. Hopefully you can get a few more up on your channel.

Ryan F. says:

It would be my freakin dream to meet and play with you!!

Inri Cardenaz says:

This is very helpful! Looking forward trying this out soon!

Christopher Rainger says:

Was that Gabriel Writer or Sean Foley in that video? With the glasses I could barely tell the difference! 😉

Mijo072 says:

Hey any tips for the heavy golfers?

lam bam says:

Hey Gabe, unrelated to this vid: What does APT mean in Kelvin language? I think we need a glossary. Thanks.

Chris Christiansen says:

Just joined the movement, very much enjoying the videos and tips, thank you!

Twook Pressley says:

Yo it's Connor can you text me I lost your number.

MrAdamson07 says:

If you ever need some startup capital and looking for investors let me know Gabe. I like your style!

Alistair Jones says:

Gabe, you're morphing in to Sean Foley … 😜

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