Golf Pro Impact Drill – Martin Chuck, PGA – Tetherow Golf Club

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matthew orge says:

Life changing video. I'm loving some of the results. If I do this drill and or full swing but am hitting behind or to hard into the ground, what should I look at ?

geansai333 says:

martin: I cannot find the video where you say that you 'feel' like your right elbow never bends on your back swing…. Does that ring a bell at all?

John Lawless says:

Thanks Martin.   One of the best drills I've seen and used on impact is the 3/4 swing.   Try to stop your hands at 3/4 in the follow through.   If you can't you are using too much hands and not enough body in the swing.   After this drill I was getting that nice lower ball flight.

Metal Gear Solid Series Videos says:

Which clubs do you recommend having your arms in front of your body at impact like that? Irons and wedges only or drivers and woods too?

meonia11 says:

Martin Chuck a thousand thanks!  I've been trying to get the elusive lag in my swing for the past 3 years.  Your impact position there showed me that I needed to hold the right wrist bend (flat left wrist) down to impact and basically turn the body to pull the arms on the downswing.  Finally compressing the ball and hitting most clubs lower, straighter, turf after the ball, and as a result 20 yards at least further!

Jason Bowles says:

Fantastic drill!  I was having all sorts of issues with fat/thin strikes.  It felt like my whole upper body was turning over the ball.  This drill led to me hitting the 3 or 4 purest swings (into a net) I've felt in a long time.  I finally feel like I can release into the ball.

Now if I can just do it again tomorrow…

Buddy Holly says:

Martin in one video you have made it so easy to understand and with complete logic
how to hit a golf ball correctly. keep up the good work

anonymous_maestro says:

I didn't know Kevin Spacey taught golf now. Thanks Kevin

Keith Schisler says:


This tip you gave above to another of your students really helped me. Thank you for that. It gave me a repeatable swing. My biggest problem I am currently having is transferring what I do at the range to what I do on the course. I can't seem to carry it over. I don;t just hit balls at the range- I usually practice with a purpose and use targets to get feedback. I am a 30 handicap but sing like a 15 at the range. I can't seem to wrap my head around this. Thanks Keith

Tom Mackey says:

Hello Martin,
I purchased you 7 iron tour striker and am in the process of re-learning my golf swing. I watched your impact drill on you tube utilizing a 7 iron and I was amazed at the difference the drill made. My question is how this drill can be applied to the driver? Can this exact drill be used for a driver, or does it need to be modified?
Thanks for your instruction. I was almost ready to give up on golf until I came across the tour striker.

jurr80 says:

This is the Mercedes Benz of golf drills.

Dale Logan says:


I've been studying your videos for about six weeks now and have totally bought into your explanation of the golf swing. I've got the tour striker and the educator and love them. However, something just clicked with this video. My lower body has always outraced my arms to impact. Just working on this drill indoors I can feel so much more power at impact. It's almost like my hands and arms are doing nothing and my pivot delivers a great powerful strike on the ball.

brad stecklein says:

good drill for early extension too?

paulmacca1978 says:

Hello Martin, I have this small problem when i am at the impact position, my club face is consistently open and when i look at my left hand the wrist is flat but all four knuckles are showing, (I have a neutral grip with two knuckle showing at address) My right wrist is bent as I'm getting good lag. But unfortunately this four knuckle open club face is killing my game. Would you have any tips on how to get this left hand only showing the two knuckles as it is at address. thank you

daver19572000 says:

@cmartingolf Thanks for your reply Martin. I have the Tour Striker and I love working with it. Your video and comments demontrate how imporatant it is for us not to get in the way of our own natural swing. The body has a natural instinct to get out of the way of the swinging arms unless we screw it up. If we don't screw it up then the clubhead can follow it's natural circular orbit, down, out and forward. It is a great sensation!

Grayson Murdock says:

I clearly am not doing this. I stuck an old shaft through my belt loop and went to hit som balls in the net. It is completely different than I have ever swung. Hurts your hands pretty bad when you swing wrong with a clubshaft through your belt loops. Very effective to say the least. I am having a hard time figuring how I can start the downswing with my lower body but still keep my arms infront of the pivot. Feels like I have to drop the hands then start the hips. Hard to do, and feels weak/sl

daver19572000 says:


I love your videos. I notice that in the slowmo section at 3:04 with your left hand directly over your left thigh the back of the hand is facing us and the clubhead is directly in front of your right foot. In the next frame at 3:08 the left arm has not really changed it's position but the back of your left hand has rotated completely to face the target and this has moved the clubhead approx. 3 feet or so. Is this rotation caused by the left hip finally moving behind the tush line?

Aaron Perry says:

MC – One other struggle – what does the shaft do DTL @ impact? I know face on it's leaning forward, but I've been tinkering with this to cure the left shot as well. I'm assuming it's the same angle as address, however I have read that it is slightly higher – could you advise? Thanks agian.

Aaron Perry says:

MC – My striking has improved a ton after finding my way to your videos via the ts. I continue to fight a face hook – similar to your video to Mike with the green and white ball. I've been working on my path as suggested in that vid, however have you seen the same problem due to the lower body, i.e a right hip towards target line, makes you hit the outside of the ball @ impact? I'm really struggling to hit that dead straight shot, again compression is great though. Thanks!

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