Golf Sequence Drill | How to Sync Your Golf Arm Swing to Your Golf Hip Turn | Golf Sequencing

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Kip Puterbaugh, the Director of Instruction at the Aviara Golf Academy, describes a drill that can help create a proper golf swing sequence of motion every time. To discuss this golf tip with other golfers and share your own, leave a comment below. We look forward to your feedback.


Hi, I’m Kip Puterbaugh, the Director of Instruction at the Aviara Golf Academy.

One of the biggest problems for the average player is learning how to sync up their arm swing to their body rotation. This is called a sequence of motion. And what we want to do is learn to get our body and arms to work as a unit to where we can deliver maximum club head speed through the ball. So when you’re working on this one drill that we started to use is to take the club and put it across your hips, you want the club head on the right hand side of your body, the face of the club straight up and down. What you want to imagine is that there’s a ball roughly at thigh height, just a little lower than the club when I’m in this position, and I want to pretend that I’m going to hit that ball with that club. So I have to, from this position to do that, I have to shift some weight and rotate my hips. So now my club is slightly lower than it was at the start, and it’s up to my left thigh. Doing this drill can really get you to sense of how your hips have to work through the shot moving this way.

Now to sync up the arm, what you do after you’ve gotten a little comfortable with this drill, is take your right arm, and put it directly on top of the club head, and from here you move the club to the same place. So what you’re doing is you’re going here, and you move both the club and the hand at the same pace, to the ball. And this start giving you a sense of the syncing of the body turn to the arms, and once you’ve gone past impact the arm would definitely pass the club.

So what you’re doing is just put the club on your hip, go to a ball slightly lower than it was at your start position, and then sync up your right hand, and do this drill, and you’ll learn to get yourself through the ball, so you can really accelerate to the target.

Good luck. Hope this helps you with your game.


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Toby Wigley says:

I've found great handbook on Unflexal page. Good solutions for everyone I think

jennifer says:

what a great drill—- thanks!

Lionel MO says:

Great Drill. Hopefully this drill will sort out the biggest problem of my golf swing.

rackum44 says:

the only thing that I don't like with this is how open your shoulders were at impact instead of square or slightly open

John Mackman says:

Hiya Kip, I'm in the UK and just found this clip. Clear explanation, simple and effective drill which has shone light on a dark part of my game…..lost power, inconsistent strikes and flight.
I know this isn't a magic bullet, but it has really helped me to understand & practice correct sequencing. Thanks from this side of the pond 👍

Tim Darden says:

This, in my humble opinion, could likely be the greatest flaw in the accomplished and casual amateur. The hips do not rotate level. The right hip fires slightly down at the ball and a little lower than the left hip . Much easier to finish in balance and up on the right toe. Much more powerful delivery and impact. This is what has been missing from my game. Properly firing the right hip in this manner makes alignment much easier and adds significantly more control and accuracy. I study this game a lot trying to determine the thing that I was missing but could not put my finger on it. This is an excellent drill. It is my last swing thought before I start my swing. Thank you so much for this excellent instruction. FYI, I currently carry an 8 handicap.

Anthony Sinclair says:

Outstanding drill

amfohr says:

I have pretty long legs and notice that when I keep my feet square that my left hip only wants to go towards the target and I get stuck on my left hip socket. If I open my left foot I can rotate my left hip more away from the target line, is that ok?

Yuji T says:

Great hip turn concept. However I think arms movement should be slightly after the right hip turn. In other words, your have to let hip turn to lead your upper body. Any thoughts our there?

Dean Pelton says:

Looks like a good golf move to me. Another drill in the quiver and thanks for sharing.

William Ruegge says:

I wished you live closer….definitely use you as my swing coach….Great drill.

Claus R. Povlsen says:

Old kip og Young Kip he is great

CLBerts says:

Excellent drill thanks

Przemysław Bech says:

Everyone knows that shoulders and hips don't go togather. This video is wrong and can be damaging to beginner golfers!!!

National University Golf Academy says:

Hello julifergolf. Can you please repeat the question? I did not understand it the first time. Thank you.

Julian Fernandez Pajares says:

Muy bueno este ejercicio es similar cuando se hace con el palo detrás de la espalda justamente a la altura de los lumbares es muy efectivo pero hay que hacerlo despacio si tenemos algún problema de espalda

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