Golf Shoulder Exercises To Improve Backswing And Prevent Injury

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For more information, visit – Professional Golf Exercise Trainer shows simple golf shoulder exercises like the one in this video to improve your golf swing consistency and prevent shoulder injury. Golf strength exercises for your backswing can dramatically improve power and driving distance. Doing golf-specific fitness training like this can literally transform your golf swing.


Milan Bhise says:

Great tip… Thank you. Will surely try this.

Jim Hassey says:

Maybe little bit longer shorts?… Just sayin…

somba tamang says:

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Sleepingpanther18 says:

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Familytimerv says:

Mike, I am a 49 year old femal player with a 15 handicap. I play 2 to 3 times a week and hit balls several times a week in my yard. My upper right arm and back should area aches a lot…especially at night. I assume it is inflammation from over-use and mis-use most likely.
What should I do to help it heal? rest? ice? heat? exercise?

Love your videos…thank you for sharing them.

Perform Better Golf says:

Man…I don't know about that…LOL

wogdoggy says:

only golf instuctor i know who can beat chuck norris"s stuff mike

Perform Better Golf says:

Thank you sir!

Kevin Moon says:

Great Video Mike!

bunkerputt says:

roter13 = troll

Perform Better Golf says:

Thank you sir!

roter13 says:

yeah i can. i'm a tennis player. can you play tennis for 7-8 hours a day at a competative level?

roter13 says:

you're probably a fat ass

roter13 says:

golf is a poor excuse for a sport.

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