Golf Strength Training Week 1

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Golf Strength Training Week 1
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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre trains with Barrie Edwards from Swing Fit UK in Bolton. Watch Rick take on a 12 week program to increase strength, power, balance, flexibility and much more distance and club head speed.


ke yo says:

Excellent video. Looking forward to the rest of the series. Well done. Keep going Rick. Also, fitness challenges between you and Pete would be awesome. Thanks for all you do!

Robo knowits says:

do you do this workout everyday for a week? Or one day a week with other workouts

lee carney says:

Brings back memory's from when I trained with him

fl0r1nn says:

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Liam Anderson says:

i felt sore watching this.

Silverfox10 says:

horrible high knees πŸ™‚

Rory Jackson says:

finally you do some exercises

olddicey says:

Great vid, keep this series up just what I need.

Kevin Boudreau says:

Impressive. Very helpful instruction

MrDanielvass says:

The hips not moving but the shoulders turning creates coil and extra power, right? I find it very difficult to rotate my upper body but not my hips. There's a video of Michelle Wie on YouTube by a guy that specialises in creating lag and one thing he noted was how much she rotates the shoulders whilst not rotating the hips

extremescuk says:

Hey guys thanks for positive feedback keep it coming if anybody has any sensible questions feel free to ask and ill get back to you as soon as I can

JAG sixtyfive says:

Absolutely hilarious! But fair play to you mate. It'll be interesting to see the results in a few weeks.

Mox_au says:

myocardial infarction imminent….

Jonathan W Golf says:

Excellent. Not bad for a first session Rick. Barry certainly didn't go easy on you!!

tkoldschool says:

Super idea Rick, love the video πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Pablo Dupleix says:

excellent, please put more material. Greetings from Lima- PerΓΊ!!!

George L says:

Yet again. . Another great video upload
Thanks rick

SimonGolfHo says:

Love the montage music Rick! Great post; glad more pros are including gym work to improve! Good luck

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