Golf Stretch – Stretching Exercise For Golf Back Swing

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h – Mike Pedersen Golf Fitness Stretch Trainer shows simple effective golf stretch to improve backswing range of motion.

Golf flexibility and stretching exercises that is specific to your golf swing will give you the quickest results. Golf training like this done “off the course” will add yards to all your clubs and eliminate aches and pains from the rigors of a round of golf.

Two Top Stretching Resources For Golfers:

3 Minutes A Day For 30 Yards!


Walter Behnke says:

Great thanks 

Carldawgh says:

wtf is he wearing

Pepe Miras says:

yes I agree cant even believe it. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack. And My international body building trainer also recommended this 7 food elements to kill your fat belly. get to know here >>

chettlematthew6293 says:

WRONG WRONG WRONG. If power and distance come from the back of the left shoulder well then u have a very week golf swing.

Bob Sherman says:

Good exercise. I especially like the stretch after each set of reps. Thanks for posting.

hugoK1000 says:

@mkpt50 with momentum your not training your muscles good enough… try doing this excercise super slow It will get a lot harder to lift the weight… that's better for muscle strengtening… with momentum your not training your muscles at full potential… you get more momentum if your muscles get stronger

juicyfruitzy says:

GUNman3893: I totally agree with you.
This video is great to build up the muscle and if someone wants to work on momentum while building the muscle as well use a weighted club.

juicyfruitzy says:

mkpt50: For the average person this is the worst advice. Swinging weights around like that is asking for an injury. Someone could easily injure their rotator cuff doing that. I see people at the gym, who are not golfers, work out that way. Instead of using acontrolled motion, they use momentum or jerk motions to do the work out. Those are the folks who always look the same and never improve. For momentum training, I would prefer to use a weighted golf club. Weight is ligther and more distributed

Lawrence Wampler II says:

dont listen to mkpt50 he doesnt know what he is talking about your the professional not him so keep it up….

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