Golf Stretches, Best Golf Stretching Routine, Flexibility Program for Golfers

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A golf stretching routine helps players enhance their ability to play excellent strokes by improving golf fitness and flexibility.

When performing this 10 minute golf stretching routine, be sure to warm up first and if any of the exercises cause pain or severe discomfort, discontinue immediately. Review our article on the rules for safe stretching for more information….

You can also download this free 10 minute stretching routine to your iPad, iPhone, Android or computer…


Sebastian Lres says:

Nice video,really helpful,clear,good voice,easy to do and simple.

Jesse Hunter says:

Thank you for sharing learning to walk again this is a great help.

Dave T says:

I tried these and was encouraged I could do them relatively well. I'm 71 so flexibility is becoming more of a challenge. I think this series of stretching will really help. Thank you very much.

Jim McKerchar says:

It would be useful to describe whih muscles are being worked for on each excercise….feedback here wlf be appreciated

Outlander2015 says:

LOL no doubt…had a drink cart drop by…she asked if I would like another drink

Esla says:

the position at 5:20 is very awkward to do on the course lol

Yolanda Smith Charles says:

this was terrific

Pali Resident says:

This is a great video. I have started doing these stretches at home before leaving for the golf course.


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