Golf Superstar Patrick Reed is King of the Draw

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Golf Superstar Patrick Reed is King of the Draw from 1 Step to Better Golf See our other videos featuring golf instruction tips, beautiful women golfers, and funny golf bloopers from the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, European Tour and Asian Tour.

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sean craig says:

1:22 he got robbed by that bad bounce.

T.O bornNraised says:

I wouldn't say hes the king of the draw. I would say hes very good at having one miss and eliminating the right side of the course. He is prone to a push though whenever he has an off week and doesnt turn over the club face because his swing plane drops so much into the slot and releases inside-out. But I'll give him props for being able to aim right no matter what kind of hazard is there and hooking it away from it.

Dtyler171 says:

You call those draws? I've hit slices that drew more than that! =D

sean craig says:

How does his left foot jump 8 inches back?

Rektspresso says:

His action reminds me a lot of Phil's. They're both very imperfect swings compared to most tour players in that their releases both end up needing active clubhead rotation in order to get squared at impact, and you can also see the same right hand coming off of the grip motion in both players in the release (Phil's is much more prominent but you can clearly see Reed's on any slow motion video of him hittting driver). I'm not trying to knock on either player, they're both incredibly talented and probably two of the best "feel players" out there. It really speaks to their talents more than anything that they can be excellent players while relying on timing much more than most

moreme40 says:

So basically, this kid can play

Dude Radley says:

His finish is too pure

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