Golf Swing Posture Exercise – Hamstring Stretch For Balance

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Close – Professional Golf Fitness Exercise Trainer Mike Pedersen shows simple and affective golf swing hamstring exercise stretch combination that will help golfers “stay in their posture” for 18 holes. This specific golf exercise strengthens the crucial muscles of the hamstring, glutes and even calf muscles which allows golfers to stay in balance, helping you improve your golf swing consistency.

3 Minutes A Day For 30 Yards!


ricodegranby says:

.hello Mike is it more a problem of armstring power or stretching ? thanks. rico

vicmanuelarmenta says:

is it the same as a deadlift?

Perform Better Golf says:

I work on my posture all the time!

headlesssoldier says:

totally true. If you can maintain your posture during your swing, so many things go right automatically.
I noticed that its the difference between good and bad or so/so golfers. Good players turn away and all the way through while maintaing their balance and posture. They can just naturally do it.
I became a believer when I started stretching out before I played. I played significantly better.

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