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Close Golf swing tip from the Exeter golf professional Mark Crossfield, watch the free video golf lesson and improve your golf driving and tee shots. Choose the correct club to make your best golf swing.


Harry Potter says:

Hey Mark. I enjoy your videos, but why do you want us to post comments if you rarely reply?

titch1215 says:

Hi Mark, love your instruction and like you I love Mizuno but they are expensive. At present I am using Benross V50 S300 shaft which I was told was right for me however having a swing speed of 70 mph with a 7 iron I have been told that a Dynalite Gold XP is what I should be using to get some action on the shaft and hence more disstance as my 7 iron only gives 125 yds your advice would be appreciated as to shaft suggestion and club selection that does not break the bank, best regards

thea1shooter says:

Also is there an ideal # of RPMs or would that very depending again on certain things?

thea1shooter says:

What would be the ideal launch angle? I'm guessing that could vary depending on things like wind, fairway conditions speed you are launching the ball etc. Any comments appreciated. Thanks!

matt hillier says:

Hi mark, i have a callaway diablo edge driver 10 degrees reg shaft, swing speed about 95-100 mph, and i hit the ball reasonably high with a nice ball fligh but it seems to go up nd comes back down very quickly, and ideas? thanks

iain clark says:

Hi Mark,
I use a Taylormade 10.5 degree driver. I hit the ball far to high but i don't think i'm scooping it as you suggest. Any ideas why i may be hitting it to high?

hummingfish says:

Informative video! I guess that I didn't realize how big a difference the club could make.

So for the MX 700, is the regular shaft responsible for the increased launch angle while the driver head imparts greater spin? Could you go with say a higher lofted driver and a stiff shaft and produce the same effect?

olly sheeran says:

Hi Mark
i have a d2 907 with a stiff aldila vs proto shaft
i used to have a reg tour burner standard shaft
my club head speed is around 96-98 mph what would u think would benifit me the most?

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