Golf swing

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Using his trademark formula — hire the best people and think big — Mr. Callaway lured successful billiard cue designer Richard C. Helmstetter away from his business in Japan to become chief club designer. Pro shop owners still recall Mr. Callaway delivering his latest “Demonstrably Superior and Pleasingly Different” clubs from the trunk of his Cadillac in the early days, and before long, he bought out his partners and shortened the company name to Callaway Golf. Soon after, Helmstetter invented a large-volume (190cc) steel clubhead that was wildly different from other drivers on the market. The club was easier to hit and more forgiving, meaning it helped golfers enjoy straighter, longer shots, even on off-center hits. Mr. Callaway named the club Big Bertha — it was unusually large and wide compared to other clubs of the time — after the World War I German cannon famous for its distance and accuracy. The new technology forever changed the golf equipment industry, and in 1992, Callaway Golf went public on the NYSE


Christopher Lang says:

Was soll das sein?

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Great video but a little bit too long. I fell asleep in the middle;)

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