Golf Swinging Techniques for Beginners : Golf Lessons

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When beginning in golf it’s very important to practice good golf swing techniques. Lower your handicap with tips from a golf professional in this free video on golf swinging techniques for beginners.

Expert: Johnny Miles
Bio: Johnny Miles is the director of golf operations at Lake Powell National Golf Course in Arizona.
Filmmaker: Mike Phillips

Series Description: The game of golf is one of the most difficult sports to improve at because it takes a great deal of practice and patience. Improve your game with tips from a golf professional in this free video series on golf lessons.


Neill Jackson says:

Superb lessons

Harry Carson says:

Nice. And here are another tips about golf. see Ben Hogan’s Slow Motion Practice. Visit

wozzlepop says:

Best video on youtube for beginners. Its simple. Keep it simple.

Michael T says:

Thanks so much for the tips! I started playing a couple of years ago and been having trouble with swing.  I practiced the "bat swing" at home and then prior to me hitting a ball at the course and it really helped!

paul woolnough says:

Love your teaching style.

MrFalcon517 says:

Great tips. Thanks Johnny.

Tommy Todd says:

This was very helpful , thanks !

Guiding Echoes says:

I'm a new golfer and came across this video yesterday. These techniques were extremely helpful for me. The 'bat swing' is a great tip and helped me with my swing in a big way. Thank you!

Jeff Moore says:

Thank you for the instructions!  As a beginner I enjoy your philosophy of keeping it simple.

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