Golf Tip: The Basic Pitch; Hank Haney

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Open the club face at set up and during your backswing and turn your body slightly through impact Hank Haney: Listed as one of Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers Golf Digest’s #4 instructor in the world; Instructor to PGA Tour Professionals Tiger Woods and Mark O’Meara; 1993 PGA of America Teacher of the Year


Tony W says:

I try to focus on having my hands go behind right hip on pitch shots..  You wouldn't have your hands go in that position on a normal shot.  I read this in Golf Magazine and it has helped my pitching game drastically.  No more flubbed chip shots and a lot lower scores!

harabas1 says:

If you have a lob wedge and sand wedge, which one should I use?  I have a 58* lob wedge and the bounce is 9*.  I'm getting a sand wedge soon but what bounce would you recommend.  Is there a bounce that will work  work on tight lies as well as on fluffy sand?

Peter D says:

Yet Trevino says not to add loft to the club by opening the face, which is also more likely to send the leading edge into the ball and thin it. Better to keep the loft as is, play it back in your stance and hit down. Diametrically opposite advice for exactly the same shot. No wonder so many golfers are confused, one example among thousands.

mcdob69 says:

Hank is lost without Tiger ! Someone should do, "where are they now" ever since he wrote his Tiger book and broke a man-code!!

Btw, basic sand wedge range from 54,56 to 58 degree, where as a lob wedge starts at 60 degree and goes as high as 64 degree.

trextrextrex says:

WEll it is in my bag. No telling how old the video is.

Mucke VL says:

Actually the high lob wedge is the most lofted golf club! But in basic golfbag-setups the sand wedge is the one which is most lofted.

dontmindifido32 says:

this guye sux. u all dumasses for thinkeing hes goode. my frend tolde me 2 wach this looser said he was the one of the grateste coches ever but i beet him 3 of 5 timess if i playe him. old scool peeple like this are dum and unathletik. dont no golf. waiste of my time

ZeroSumJ1 says:

Thanks Joe. My comment was from a year ago. 🙂 I can pitch now.

Joe Griggs Jr. says:

Zero, you need to find the bottoming out point of your swing. That point is always the sternum notch. The point where the collar bone connects. That indention below your adams apple, it needs to be just a hair forward your ball.

Michael Goggans says:

I think he means that is the most lofted club in a generic set of clubs…

Mucke VL says:

Yes you are right, but not everybody have this club! So regularly the send wedge is the most lofted golf club.

Toby Clowes says:

Is that like a lob-on

cgasucks says:

True…but Tiger never won 3 majors in a calender year under Haney (or 4 straight majors)…but he did it under Butch…

Mox_au says:

i realise he was successful with butch but he was also successful with haney until the later stages of the relationship

cgasucks says:

No…that was Butch Harmon…

Rohit Mandavia says:

not many professionals have lobs but yes, they are

Mox_au says:

lol didn't he teach tiger through one of the most successful stages in his career?

alex ball says:

notice he did,nt mention weight distribution :/ happy thinning guys

Adrenayame says:

A lob wedge is a 60…

brycen lechner says:

@MrStocksw or a 60 degree

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